Sunday, February 14, 2010

Training and weight loss challenge

The new year is upon us with new year's resolutions, the excitement of the Olympics and a general need to get over the mid-winter blahs. Both our horses and I have turned into pasture and couch potatoes respectively soooo..... we shipped Lucan out to a new trainer to get started under saddle (and to lose some of that round bale belly). I have yet to make the phone call to get me to the trainer but putting it on "cyber" paper hopefully will give me the incentive to do so. But I have taken the step to start a more healthy eating style with an anticipated weight loss outcome. Years of wear and tear has been hard on my hips and knees and considering they are the only thing that is keeping my tush off the ground I better take care of them. Healthy eating, weight loss and exercise will help me on that path.

Now back to Lucan. He is at Saddle Ridge Stable being trained by Reuben Geleynse and is coming along very well. Reuben has a nice soft way about training which will result in what we want from Luc; a calm, safe horse for hacking. We will be documenting his progress on uploaded videos on our Youtube channel. And yes, we no longer just believe that Luc has ribs under all his fat, we (almost) can feel them.


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